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Any serious business undertaking whether on or offline starts with a good looking website. People spend incredible amounts of money on this aspect of their business as it creates their image in front of the crowd.

Nowadays it has become very easy to build a website even without technical knowledge. There is web page building software for people at any level and you no longer have to break the bank on this.

To build your website you need to know only a few basic things:

  • You need a domain name (the name of your website) – you either buy it or get one for free;
  • You need hosting (the server that stores the files for your website) – that can also be free;
  • You need a good web page building software (I recommend WordPress) – always free;

As I said you don’t have to do any coding or be tech savvy to create a beautiful website. There are many free web page design templates or themes on WordPress as well as many that can be purchased – you decide which one to use. Preferably you should choose the theme that is the most functional and fits well with your ideas.

How to create my own website for free?

If you are new to building websites then I suggest you start with a free one. There are many places that offer free websites nowadays. The problem is that most of them put banners and other ads on your site once you build it.

However, there is a free website builder that won’t interfere with your content. It’s easy to use, it doesn’t take any of your web page space for advertising and it’s completely free. What’s even better is that it uses WordPress, give it a try:


Remember that the free website is all about gathering experience in the field. Once you get used to it I recommend you to buy your own domain and hosting for several reasons:

  1. It is more professional;
  2. The domain name should be you own brand not someone else’s;
  3. If you have a very successful free website your traffic may be restricted;
  4. You own the thing and all rights associated with it.

What are the most important aspects of a website?

When you decide you need a website of your own there are several things to consider when choosing a provider.

First is the speed and load time. That depends on several factors the most important being your hosting provider. There are many cheap hostings out there but they are simply going to ruin your website when it starts getting more traffic. If you have to wait more than 3-4 seconds for a web page to load you will most probably just close it.

The second criteria is professional design. This includes easy navigation with lots of menus and side bars as well as an appealing look of the website overall. Pictures and videos are also very appealing to most people so they should be used within your pages.

They should also be used sparingly as to not make your web pages very large in size and slow to load by the web browsers. There are tools to make sure you don’t make that mistake.

The third aspect of a successful website is the quality content. People come to you for information, that is the main reason they are using the internet and quality information is what will make your visitors stay on your website, read it and share it with others. Content is also what ranks you in the search engines so that you get found in the first place.

How to design your website professionally?

There are many web design tutorials available online. However, if you are using WordPress you won’t need them. WordPress is the world’s leading content management system (CMS) with more than 30% of all websites built with it. In fact this site is built using WordPress. The main advantages of this incredible CMS are:

  • Very easy to install and use;
  • No need to know HTML or any coding at all;
  • Thousands of free and paid themes for your website;
  • Easy installation of more than 10 000 different additional features (plug-ins);
  • Free tutorials and support all over the internet.

As mentioned above you can choose your theme from the huge list if themes within WordPress. Then you can customize it with different colors, pictures, backgrounds, buttons and so on. Your job is to make it appealing to your audience, easy to read and easy to navigate.

When choosing the colors and backgrounds of your theme it’s always safe to have a black text on white background. I believe you’ve noticed that all books are made that way and the reason is simple – because it makes the text stand out and makes it easy to read.

It’s also a good idea to have some images within your text to visualize your content as well as to make your article more interesting. For most people reading can be boring and having a picture here and there can be a nice distraction. It’s also helpful for getting your message across.

Videos are another great accessory for your website. They can help you show proof of something that you are trying to make point of. Videos are also a great way to show someone how something is done. For example check out this video that shows how to create the foundation of your website in 30 seconds:



Creating your own website should be no problem if you are using the right tools. With some basic knowledge and enthusiasm you could be well on your way to a professional online presence.


2 thoughts on “Build a Website

  1. This is great information on how to build a website. I always thought that building a website was for the professionals, that you have to have knowledge of html, css, javacript, all of that. That you have to know how to design things

    That was how it used to be but I think these days with wordpress and other CMS tools, it seems so much easier. I like that you have given an option to try creating a website for free. Hard to refuse. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ruth,

      Thank you very much for your feedback. It’s great to see how technology is evolving and becoming more accessible for the regular people. What’s even better is that there are free tools that anyone can use to build their own website.

      I am glad that you enjoyed my post. You are always welcome back. I wish you the best of luck.

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