How to become a rich man (or woman)

How to become a rich manIn today’s world where everything is measured in money one cannot help but wonder “How to become a rich man (or woman)”. It is a good question to ask and too many are quick to give an answer, especially online. But can they be trusted, can you trust them when they say they’ve already done it and they want to teach you how to do it yourself? What’s even more important is can you be taught to be rich, are you willing to learn, to apply what you’ve learned and to keep doing it untill you reach your goal?

There are probably thousands of people out there claiming to have the best get-rich-quick system. Then there are many others saying that there is no such thing as a get-rich-quick and it takes hard work, time and determination to succeed.

What is certain is that all of them are trying to sell you something or profit from you in one way or another. And it is only fair to pay the person that is going to give you a life full of riches and fun, isn’t it? But are they going to deliver to their promise after taking your money and will you be able to use their system or knowledge after paying for it?

What do you need to do first?

Having a money making system that is supposed to make you rich is great but there is something that you need to take care of before that if you want to become rich and remain rich. Way too many people think that being wealthy is just a matter of having a lot of money. Unfortunately money does not solve all problems and money alone does not make you rich.

Wait, what???

Let me explain what I mean.

Most people are taught since very early age that to be rich you need to go to shool, get good grades then go to college and study hard so you can get a good job. The school system teaches you to obey your teachers, do what you are told or get punished if you don’t. Your family would tell you that “money doesn’t grow on trees”so you have to work very hard to please your boss and other people if you want to have money.

Most people grew up in scarcity looking at their parents fight over money and were only given enough to survive. Then after turning 18 and going to work they were still paid just enough to survive. One way or another they were taught that money is scarce and if you want to get it you need to have a “secure” job.

These kinds of experiences over a long period of time leave a scar on you that you may not even be aware of. Most people have a lot of built-in fears, limiting beliefs and a certain set of values, all of which provide for a mindset of scarcity and fear.

So the first thing to do if you want to be rich is to work on your mindset also called context. If you are not sure what I’m talking about then please read my post on mindset. The most important factor that will ultimately determine whether you will be rich or not is your concept of reality.

You simply can’t go about anything in your life thinking only about how you will fail, paralyzed in fear of taking action, doubt and low self esteem and expect to succeed. In fact you need to be certain of your success, you need to be able to feel it and see it in your mind first and only then start working for it.

What is the mindset of the rich and how do you attain it?

Many people think that the rich are greedy, heartless creatures that love nothing but their money. It is a common belief that money is evil and it’s the government’s fault or the economy’s fault that you are poor or don’t have as much as you should. The problem with the majority of folks nowadays is that they simply don’t want to take responsibility for what they are and what they have.

You are what you are and you have what you have or don’t have because of who you are, because of how you treat yourself and others and because of your actions or failure to act. There is no destiny, there is no luck, there is no fate, there is nothing else that is in control of your life but you. There is a form of higher energy, however, that based on your actions, thoughts, feelings and emotions put in front of you what you asked for consciously or subconsciously.

With that in mind the context of the rich is one of abundance and opportunity. The wealthy people see in every problem or failure a solution and a new opportunity. They know there is more than enough money out there and are always looking for ways to get it and make even more of it. They don’t work for money but simply find ways for money to be working for them because money is the best worker there is. It doesn’t rest, it doesn’t complain and it doesn’t make excuses.

If you do happen to share that mindset that is great, but if you don’t then how do you get to that level of thinking and what do you need to do to have the context of a rich person?

The best thing you can do is to invest in yourself, in your development, in building your mindset and in a solid education on how money works. The financial education is extremely important because being rich is not measured by how much money you have now but how long you will be able to keep it and multiply it. We’ve all heard of stories about people winning the lottery or a jackpot in Vegas and then losing it all very soon after.

The foundation to becoming rich is your context and reality and that is something you need to learn and keep focus on until it is embedded into your subconscious mind. This is a complete science by itself but it’s well worth the research. In essence, what it all comes down to is the following:

  • Examine your thoughts to get more information about your beliefs, fears and values. Record your emotions and reactions to different situations. Ask yourself why you reacted this way or what makes you think one thing and not the other. Do your best to understand your reasoning and the root of your beliefs, fears and values. Keep an open mind and accept that what you think is not necessarily the truth. The first step towards change is knowing and accepting yourself. It might be hard to believe but only when you accept and love yourself will you be ready to improve.
  • Make a conscious effort to change your thoughts and eliminate limiting beliefs and fears. This requires some knowledge about the way your conscience works. John Kehoe does a great job explaining it in his book Mind Power into the 21st Century and offers some easy ways to “train” your subconscious mind for success. Start with this book and practice what John is teaching. He explains it very thoroughly and it should not be hard to do, however the results will be overwhelming.
  • Get as much information as possible and simply flood your brain with it. Read books every night instead of watching TV or staring at the computer. This will prove beneficial in lots of different ways. The right books will not only help you change your context and views about money but also improve your financial education. I recommend Robert Kiyosaki’s books, starting with Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrant, Guide to investing as well as Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. These are all classics among many others that will get you on the right path to the rich mindset. Another option is to listen to the audio versions of books while driving or doing other daily tasks.

These are the things that worked for me and some of the books I’ve read and can recommend. Please be aware that change takes time as do education and ultimately success. Time is the most precious resource you have and the best thing to invest it in is yourself. It is an investment that you will benefit from for the rest of your life.

What’s next?

So now that you are starting to see some change in your mindset, opening to new ideas, using the power of your subconscious mind and working on a financial education what do you do next? I would say that it’s time to get to work. Nothing will prove more educational than experience.

Choose a way of creating wealth and start working on it. By now you’ve probably realized that getting a job won’t make you rich and selling your time for money is not the best choice you can make. It is time to figure out a way of acquiring some assets that will become sources of income.

If you have done a good job on your foundation – your mindset, you should be able to see opportunities in everything. The time that we live in is full of opportunities no matter where you are, how much money you have or what you know. Choose something that you have a passion for and can build a business around, create a goal and a plan and find a mentor or a group of people that are ahead of you and are willing to support you.

Do not be afraid of failure, instead embrace it, know it is a part of your journey to success. Do not be reckless either and don’t put at stake more than you have and are ready to lose. Make smart, informed decisions, invest your time and hard work in the beginning and only spend money when you need to.

Let’s get rich together!

There is one thing about wealthy people that they all have in common. None of them made it to the top completely on their own. Whatever you choose to do you are always better off having someone by your side for advice, support and motivation.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t have a mentor or a mastermind group and want to learn how to start an online business then read my Wealthy Affiliate review. It’s free to join and will give you a solid base for growth, a ton of knowledge and a whole community of supportive members.

I know that there is more than enough money in the world for all of us and my mission and the reason I built this website is to help others succeed on their way to wealth and abundance. The only requirements are to have the desire, will and determination to do the hard work that precedes great results.

4 thoughts on “How to become a rich man (or woman)

  1. Excellent advice. I agree with you 100% – money is not the answer and does not bring happiness. It all starts in the mind. Once you find inner wealth, everything else in life starts to unfold.

    It’s a shame more people can’t think life this. I guess some people never have to experience what i’s like to not have much in the way of material possessions. They are no happier than the poorest people in the world though.

    1. One of the biggest problems nowadays is that most people are too busy and too lazy to read and develop themselves. They are stuck in their own realities unable to look through the fog and realize there is more to life than survival. Most people do not live, they simply exist.

      It is an incredible phenomenon that in the information age there are people living in an information black out. I know, though, that it’s just a matter of time for everyone to reach the point of being conscious and aware. I hope we live to see that day.

  2. I really liked this post. You took a big subject and broke it down to nice simplicity. I really like how you went into discussion on the mindset of the rich, because the mindset is vital if not the most important thing in my opinion. Highly successful people in all areas (not just money) are operating on different levels of conciseness and awareness then average people. And besides this being a great post, your website is nice and clean and easy to go through. Great website so far, keep up the good work!

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