Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama review

Since I have a very thorough review of the Wealthy Affiliate community and program I will outline for you the main features of Affilorama here, show you what the main problems with it are and then give you a visual comparison of the two platforms in the end. It’s up to you to decide which one is the better option.

Affilorama ReviewAffilorama website overview

Overall Ranking:  75 out of 100 points

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Price: $1 for 30-day trial/$67 per month + upsells

Owner: Mark Ling

Link: www.affilorama.com

What is Affilorama all about?

Affilorama is an affiliate marketing educational platform that was created by Mark Ling in 2005. His original idea was to offer affiliate marketing training to his own affiliates, promoting his own products Jamorama and Rocket Piano.

Over the years the community evolved making it possible to use the training received to promote other affiliate products, although a big part of the training is still focused on it’s own affiliate program.

Affilorama is not a bad product since it does reflect the changes of the market and internet environment (although there are several aspects that are not up to date as we will soon find out).

The training is simple to follow and offers a decent level of support while there are a number of upsells that in my opinion are not worth it.

Let’s figure out the good and the bad sides of Affilorama before we get into any more detail.

Pros and Cons of the Affilorama platform


  • Easy to understand step by step training
  • Useful software apps and tools
  • Large community of affiliate marketers
  • Good support options
  • Free trial available
  • Convenient three-year payment option for $497


  • Too many upsells, making the total cost pretty steep
  • A lot of options to choose from making it difficult to know which is right for you
  • Outdated information that could be harmful to your business
  • Very limited free trial access not allowing you to explore in detail
  • Support is handled by people, who are not necessarily experts

Who is Affilorama designed for?

The idea of Affilorama is to prepare anyone willing to make some money online for the road ahead. It targets complete newbies as well as more experienced affiliate marketers.

The training is separated into different sections for people with different level of experience and expertiese. That enables people with limited practical knowledge to benefit from the program.

There is enough information for you to understand the basics of website building, hosting, design and optimization. At the higher levels of  training there are more advanced promotional techniques that reflect on Mark Ling’s experience as on online merchant and affiliate marketer.

What are the resources that you get at Affilorama?

The training is quite thorough and easy to follow as it includes videos, step by step instructions and examples.

There are video interviews with successful internet marketers and online entrepreneurs, as well as done for you pdf’s, articles and other goods with the more expensive options.

The tools include different software applications that will help you track rankings and analyze traffic. They are included with your premium membership and are not available for free members.

There are 15 apps within the Premium Tools of Affilorama some of which are useless as they are showing outdated and irrelevant information (such as the Trusted Site Tool). Others are just plain dangerous since they can harm your SEO efforts and your business if used (Social Snoop and Article Spinning tool). Although they may have been very useful tools in the past this is no longer the case since Google updated its ranking algorithms.

The Affilotheme is the cheapest package ($97) available and it includes the following:

  • A WordPress theme
  • Videos that train you to properly use it
  • A forum for private members
  • Tool for creating graphics
  • One year hosting plan

Although it seems as a lot I would expect to see this included in the Premium Membership since it is all part of the marketing training. We all know that every online marketing business starts with a website.

The Affilorama Blueprint 3.0 is a package of additional training and tools designed for affiliate marketing, including:

  • 13 lessons and 85 videos covering niche and affiliate marketing and research, SEO and PPC for Google’s network;
  • 6 WordPress themes

It is important to note that the Blueprint 3.0 comes with no support so it doesn’t make sense buying ($197) unless you are paying for the premium membership ($67 per month).

The AffiloJetpack  is a high-ticket package that Mark Ling is offering to help you promote and sell his affiliate products and services. There are some very useful pieces of the puzzle that include the following:

  • 5 different niches (from a total of 10)
  • 15 E-mail texts designed for a newsletter
  • 3 e-books intended as giveaways
  • Graphics for every niche
  • 20 PLR articles
  • Access to the Affilotheme

The price of $497 is however outrageous and since you are going to be making Mark even more money after that then it only makes sense that he gives it all away as a part of the premium membership.

The support accessible for any level is provided by the people in the community, most of them being free members. With premium membership you get support from designated staff members. The response time is usually within reason but every once in a while you could be left waiting for an answer for hours or even days.

What is the price of Affilorama membership?

Now here is the tricky part. To tell you the truth I was completely confused by the different products and services for sale on the platform even though I have some experience with affiliate marketing. Actually having so many upsells after an already expensive membership fee seems really not fair to me. I’m not saying that the products don’t provide quality, but compared to what is offered at Wealthy Affiliate they are overpriced and inferior.

If you are considering Affilorama then I suggest you go with the free trial first just to explore and get a taste for the program. Even though you don’t get access to a lot of resources you can still make your choice of going any further easier.

The premium membership which costs $67 per month will give you access to training (Affiliate training and Blog bootcamp), apps (Premium tools), limited hosting, a forum and PLR articles.

Affilorama members area

Most of the training included is very well designed, easy to follow and on point. However there are some features that are downright dangerous to use and will lead to unwanted results.

The first thing to have in mind is the training on Link Building which is one of the four modules within the Blog Bootcamp.

Link Building Is Wrong

The idea behind backlinks was relevant up until late 2012 but after that Google started penalizing websites that were utilizing it. This means that if you are using this technique you will lose your rankings with Google and thus destroy most of your organic traffic. Everyone who has done affiliate marketing for a while should know that this is not good and could ruin your business completely.

Another obvious flaw of the Affilorama platform is offering members 30 free PLR (Private Label Rights) articles per month to use in their websites. This is also an outdated technique that will definitely do more harm than good.

PLR articles are duplicate content

Since it is treated as duplicate content it is also severely penalized by the search engines and any website containing duplicate content does not get ranked at all. Even if it wasn’t that harmful to rankings such content is rarely any good since it was outsourced to people that rarely have any interest in the topic.

These two pieces of advice for me are proof enough that the training on Affilorama is not being constantly updated to reflect changes that take place in the online environment which as we all know is one of the most dynamic environments on the planet.

The other upsells that I discussed earlier are priced as follows:

The Affilotheme – $97 – I believe it is not that useful since there are thousands of free themes on WordPress. Even the paid ones don’t cost nearly as much, not to mention a year of hosting which can be found for about $15 at the same quality. As for the graphic creation tool there are free alternatives that can be utilized directly from your browser.

The Affilorama Blueprint 3.0 – $197 – this is an even more ridiculous product that the Affilotheme since it does not deliver much real value and should be included in the already overpriced premium membership.

The AffiloJetpack – $497 – This comes around as the highest quality product of all the Affilorama offerings and it should be at that price. It could save you some hard work but then it’s questionable whether or not you’ll be able to appreciate and put it to good use as you did not take part in it except by paying handsomely.

The total of all purchases comes to $791 + $67 per month which is something to think about when deciding whether you should join Affilorama or not.

Summary of the Affilorama platform.

It is one of the better products out there with some considerable drawbacks. It can help you reach a good level of accomplishment within affiliate marketing if you are careful not to fall prey to the outdated information that is available.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama

Here is the graphic showing the major differences between Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama.



As you can see Wealthy Affiliate is the better product and it’s also a lot cheaper. If you really want to get the best training and become an online entrepreneur then simply treat yourself to a free trial membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

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