What is the best hosting for wordpress

What is the best hosting for wordpress

 I think you will agree with me that WordPress is one of the best if not the best content management systems (CMS) out there. The statistics as of May 2017 show that about 30% of all websites are created and managed through WordPress. More on this topic you can read in my Top web content management systems post.

what is the best hosting for wordpress
Proportion of website content management systems in use.

The logical question that comes to mind is: what is the best hosting for WordPress? Of course, most of the web hosting companies provide a choice of CMSs when you begin the set-up process of your website and since WordPress is the most commonly used one it would be foolish of them not to support it.

In essence almost any web hosting service would work for a WordPress based site, but then what is the difference between them and how can we as admins make an informed choice?

There are many important aspects of a good web hosting service that should be observed and a few that make it excellent. Going by trial and error could prove to be a stressful, uninteresting, time and money wasting experience

What are the things that make up a good hosting service?

The things that a good hosting service must have are:

  • Reasonable website space (at least 20 GB)
  • Reasonable bandwidth
  • E-mail accounts and sub-domains
  • 24/7 support and a live chat
  • Reliable monitoring and protection systems
  • Ability to expand as your website grows

The first point on the list is pretty straight forward. In order to keep up with the demands of your growing site you need adequate space on the server. Especially if you are planning on storing downloadable content this point is something to take into consideration.

Reasonable bandwidth for non-techies means that the server is not going to slow down your website as the number of visitors grows. Certainly, for a well-developed high-traffic website (more than 500 000 visitors per month) you should consider paying for a dedicated server but until then you will do fine with most low-cost solutions.

E-mail accounts and sub-domains are something that is a must within the industry and you should not settle for a service that does not include them. They show professionalism within your website and are useful tools that should be employed to your advantage.

Having a timely support will not only help you whenever you are having a hard time with something but it will also ensure your website is up and running non-stop.

With the large number of hackers and other cyber criminals nowadays the importance of a well-developed and constantly updated monitoring and protection system has grown immensely. Not all hacking, malware and virus protection systems are created equal and the continuous effort of the hosting company is what separates the good from the worse.

Lastly, I should point out that as a website grows in authority and traffic so do the demands on the server that is hosting it. Every reputable hosting service provider offers several levels of service which take into account the expansion of a website during its lifetime.

A hosting service that fits into this category and that I and a lot of other bloggers like Pat Flynn recommend is Bluehost. It hosts more than 2 million sites, it is a low-cost solution with reasonable quality and probably the best price/quality ratio overall.


What are the things that make an excellent hosting service?

When it comes to a hosting service people usually settle for the most popular one, the most advertised or simply the cheapest. If you would take the time to dig a little deeper into the topic you will probably find out that there are far more superior services to the ones that are most commonly used for a very fair price.

Here is what I believe makes a hosting service truly outstanding:

  • Premium monitoring and protection systems
  • Keyword research tool
  • Training materials (text, video and live sessions)
  • Support and mentoring by experts in the field of building and managing an online business.

As I’ve already mentioned there are different levels of security when it comes to protecting your website against hacker attacks and viruses. The majority of the hosting companies offer low-quality outdated protection. It is simply because it is expensive to pay a team of programmers that will make sure you are constantly protected.

A common practice is to simply schedule regular back-ups of the website content on a different server and have a copy of the website when and if something goes wrong. Having a back-up of your website is always a good idea but is far from enough if you want to make sure that your website is available to your visitors and working properly at all times.

There are hosting companies that have spent a considerable amount of time, money and energy for the purpose of providing a superior monitoring and protection service and being their customer you will gain a considerable peace of mind.

One of the first things you learn when you start your journey in the online world is that you need to use keywords in your content that you would want to rank for in the search engines. There are a bunch of paid apps and tools that will help you find low competition highly demanded keywords but most of them cost at least $20 per month.

Believe it or not there are hosting services that offer a keyword research tool as a part of your monthly fee. This not only saves time and money but is a lot more convenient than taking care of several different memberships, storing passwords, etc.

A real quality hosting service would also offer training materials, tutorials, video and live lessons that will help you achieve your goals online a lot faster. What would be even better is if you have access to experts and fellow bloggers that would love to help you whenever you feel stuck.


What is the best hosting service for WordPress?

There is only one such place that I know of and you can read my thorough review of it. It’s a complete service that not only provides you with all the tools, training and support that you will ever need but also shows you what are the ways of monetizing your website and the exact steps to follow.

For a very low membership fee (compared to any similar service or a combination of services that give you access to comparable resources) you will get:

Wealthy Affiliate hosting and the benefits it provides

Also not shown on that list you will have at your disposal:

  • Free SSL certificate (your site becomes https// instead of http//)
  • Keyword research tool
  • Many other useful tools and apps
  • Thorough training with tasks at the end of each lesson
  • Video training and tutorials
  • Live video classes
  • Full time access to website and internet marketing experts
  • An affiliate program and many other benefits

The best thing about it is that you will receive a full month of free membership so that you can get a real taste of this great platform and all of its features without even showing your credit card info. I am confident that if you give it a try you will see the amazing results it can bring and sign up for a premium account as I and more than half a million other people have done.

Why settle for a regular hosting service when you have the option to become a part of the ever growing friendly and cheerful community that is ready to share their knowledge and success with you?

If I have learned anything from my experience in online business it is that there is a place in it for anyone who has the desire to succeed, is ready to do the work it requires and has access to the right tools, training and people.  If you have the first two things in place then joining Wealthy Affiliate is your only logical step towards your goal.

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